Leadership Development Programme with Teach First

How much you achieve in life should not be determined by how much your parents earn. Yet in the UK, it too often is.

Teach First is an education charity. We work with like-minded people and organisations towards a day where every child has the excellent education they are entitled to.  We are working hard to fill this gap between those who are more fortunate in the family they are born into and those who aren’t we can’t do it alone.  This is where you come in…

Apply to our Leadership Development Programme and we’ll develop you to become an outstanding teacher in a school in a low-income community. You’ll work towards a professional teaching qualification whilst receiving a salary and getting real responsibility in the classroom from day one. You’ll be supported along the way with professional leadership development, coaching and opportunities to network with supporters from all industry sectors. You’ll be able to share your skills that you’ve developed in your music degree whilst encouraging pupils to love the subject as much as you do.

This year we have already made over 1000 offers to start working in schools from September 2013. Visit http://graduates.teachfirst.org.uk/ or email smasters@teachfirst.org.uk to discuss your application with The University of York graduate recruiter.

Application deadline: 20th March 2013.