Cyber Security Challenge UK game

GCHQ devises latest Cyber Security Challenge game and asks ‘how well could you protect your company’s intellectual property in the face of a cyber-attack?’

• Places at brand new NBC Universal face-to-face competition and four day cyber camps in England and Scotland up for grabs

• Those interested in testing their potential for a career in cyber security can register here -

Registrations close on 19th July 2013.

GCHQ, the UK Government Communications Headquarters has developed the latest Cyber Security Challenge competition, testing the UK public’s potential for a career in cyber security. ‘Network Security in the Protection of Intellectual Property’ presents any UK citizen not currently working in the profession with the opportunity to take on the role of a security manager at a small electronics company which has recently won a bid to supply components to the Ministry of Defence. The short online assessment will task them, as the security manager, with ensuring that the company’s IP and valuable data are not stolen by cyber criminals and sold on the online black market.

The top 15 players from the game will be invited to a face-to-face semi-final contest hosted by international media and entertainment company NBC Universal. Here they will join winning candidates from a second competition designed by Dtex Systems, who provide Protective Monitoring of Internal Systems. The 30 candidates will compete in face-to-face play-offs to secure a place at next year’s Challenge Masterclass grand finale.

There are also places available at the Challenge’s 2013 cyber camps, offering candidates hands on learning experience and unique insights into what it’s like to work in the cyber security industry. The two camps will run in parallel at the end of August – one at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland with the likes of the Scottish Police and Blackberry, and the other at the Defense Academy in Shrivenham with PwC and the Information Security Forum amongst others. The camps will run for four days, giving attendees the opportunity to learn from the professionals and hone their skills. Across the two camps activities will include digital forensics exercises where candidates will gain experience giving evidence as expert witnesses in court, and a camp vs camp, cross-border cyber battle ran through the popular security training tool – SANS Netwars.

GCHQ said: “We see threats to cyber security of an unprecedented scale and the theft of companies’ intellectual property is one of those threats. It is vital for the future of our economy and national security that we develop the pool of bright and talented people equipped to face the full range of challenges within the cyber security industry. The Cyber Security Challenge UK is a real asset in helping the UK meet this growing demand and is an excellent way of discovering new talent. We hope that this challenging new competition is enjoyable and encourages people to find out more about the exciting opportunities in this fast growing industry.”