Mildly exciting and an absolute must!

It’s great to see Nouse lists Careers at number 38 in its Top 50 Twitter follows @UniofYork, but we’re not that boring, honest.

Here’s 10 reasons why we’re at least, mildly exciting…

1)      Volunteering opps galore – whether it’s helping kids in a local school or contributing to the Tour de France Cultural Festival, there’s lots on offer

2)      Jobs! – log into Careers Gateway for part-time work, internships, and graduate jobs

3)      New, improved updates to the Employability Tutorial – what could be more exciting than your future?

4)      More appointments available – have a chat with our friendly staff

5)      Careers events programme bursting at the seams – employer presentations, skills-building courses and lots more besides

6)      New Careers Timeline – suggestions on what to do and when, right down to the week of each term of your University life

7)      Social media aplenty – keep up-to-date with the latest news

8)      Recruitment fairs – 3 (yes count ‘em) recruitment fairs with over 100 companies on campus

9)      Fortnightly newsletter – right to your inbox. How easy can it get?

10)   New-look Careers building with pictures and colours and everything.

Have a look at what’s on offer at or call into Careers (Campus Central, near the Market Square shops) and see for yourself.