Welcome back to York for the first week of Freshers 2013! You still have Freshers Fairs ahead of you (we’ll see you there at the Careers stand) as well as a much needed lie-in on Sunday morning to enjoy before getting down to work next Monday.

Don’t forget to come by next week and check out the resources available in our rebranded Information Room. We’re always happy for you to use the space for study and career planning, so be brave and come say:

Rebranded building

Blood + Chocolate

We’re hugely excited this week by the success that Blood + Chocolate is enjoying (running 3-20 October). This production has 180 cast members, who greet you on the streets of York as you listen through headphones to the stories of the individuals in the crowd around you.

But why is it called Blood + Chocolate? What is it all about you ask? Well watch “From Factory to Front” this fantastic documentary and introduction to York, Chocolate and World War 1, created by four creative and dedicated students as part of the @Work programme last summer term. This was just one of three projects student’s led to support Blood + Chocolate. Another team of students worked with BBC Radio York to produce a show capturing snapshots of memories from residents who worked in York’s chocolate factories, and yet another group produced a walking trail called Cocoa Hotspots of York in association with The Rowntree Society.

You can view the documentary here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tJcMSwMFX4 and read more about all these projects on the University website:  http://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/features/blood-and-chocolate/.

Liam Evans-Ford, the producer of Blood + Chocolate for Pilot Theatre enthused:

“I have been really impressed with the quality and creativity of the students’ projects. It is fantastic to have all of these extra resources and materials uncovering York’s chocolate heritage, which just would not have been possible without them!”

Tickets for this community show are now SOLD OUT, which is incredible news for Pilot Theatre and we can’t wait to see the drama unfold on the streets over the next few weeks!

Run it! Volunteer to take the lead with a school project or a challenging charity internship- Apply now!

If you’re as impressed by the sound of that as we are, why not apply for a Run It! Charity Internship or a Team-based project with YSIS? These challenges range from building an online art exhibition for Caroline’s Railway Nursery to working with York Marriott Hotel to create a University Cooking Culture five-session programme, so there is sure to be something there to tickle your taste buds (sorry for the pun)!

Finalists, this term we’re focusing on your future so don’t miss out on the chance to make the most of you!

If you’re interested, check out these pages and apply before the deadline at 5pm on Wednesday week 3…