“Don’t listen to the cynics, those who reject anything with an ounce of heart. Forced sentimentality is junk, yes, but this movie has none of that. It’s enchanting and wonderful.” John B., 2006.

Steven Spielberg’s movie E. T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) has occupied a very special place in the hearts of a generation growing up. Certain images, such as E.T’s glowing finger or the bike silhouetted against the moon, are instantly recognisable and bring a warm glow of nostalgia to even the hardest hearts.

Imagine how simple facing up to an interview panel could seem if your golden experiences in the world of work were as memorable to you as E.T’s cheeky grin.

Once you have the wonderful achievements of your work life so far collated and have had the chance to reflect upon the skills you’ve gained, you’ll be able to be more enthusiastic, more assured and (above all else) ready to make the most of you.

Wouldn’t the future seem golden then, all you finalists out there?

The good news is that here at Careers we share this vision with you too. In order to help you decide what you want to do next, we’ve been working hard on the baby brother to Spielberg’s E.T., our E.T. the Employability Tutorial:


All you finalists out there should remember the Employability Tutorial from the time you started your degree. If you haven’t started to use these resources yet, don’t delay any longer! We’ve revamped the Tutorial this summer to ensure that it will be as useful to you and easy to use as possible, so head online and check it out.

What’s on offer:

  • Clear sections to work through on “Understanding myself”, “Understanding my options” and “Understanding the way forward”;
  • Interactive format with media, quizzes and reflective sections to help you personalize the Employability Tutorial;
  • The option to jump ahead through the Tutorial and complete the sections in the order and detail that is most useful to you;
  • The opportunity to draw up a personalized Action Plan that you can revise, work through and take to discuss with your academic supervisor;
  • “Just show me” quick links to useful information such as graduate profiles, upcoming events and work experience opportunities.

It’s never too late to make your future golden by sorting out a plan for what comes next! Don’t forget, if you need any help with the Tutorial, Careers are open from 10-5pm Monday to Friday and our Information team will be happy to answer your queries submitted through Careers Gateway (www.york.ac.uk/careers/gateway) or telephone too!

Careers blog, Vikki Touzel, Graduate Intern.