Is postgraduate study always the best choice?

Many students go on to do a postgraduate course because they feel it will enhance their career prospects.  However this is not always the case – and it’s wise to weigh up how doing a postgraduate may help or hinder your job search.

  • How do employers look on a Masters degree?
  • Are some kinds of postgraduate study better than others?
  • Will I earn more with a postgraduate degree?

At a time when funding is increasingly hard to find it’s important to make the right decision before taking on more debt.

A recent article in the New Scientist tackles this issue head on and offers some great advice if you are thinking of going on to postgraduate study.

Check out our online information on postgraduate study to  find our more about what is the best next step for you.  Careers Advisers are also available each day (by appointment) to discuss things with you further and help you make the right decision.