Your York Award application has been submitted – what happens next?

UoY Careers YA Certificate red trans  Well done! You’ve completed your York Award application form (along with around 370 others!)  and submitted it on time – but what happens next?

Application form
Once forms are submitted they will be allocated to an assessor who will carefully consider if the application meets the criteria for you to move through to the next stage. In Week 7 of Spring term,  you will hear by email if you need to resubmit. If you do – please don’t panic – It may be you only have one or two questions to resubmit. Even if you are asked to resubmit more, we will give you help to see where you didn’t meet the criteria and what you need to do to improve. Come in to collect your application form and assessors notes, then book a feedback appointment to talk to us. You will be advised how to book a feedback appointment if this is necessary.

We know that the majority of students who attend a feedback appointment and revise their application are successful.  You have until Friday of Week 9 to amend and resubmit your form (if you’ve been asked to). When you resubmit you will be asked to hand in your original form, your new form and the assessor’s comments and marking sheet.

Interview stage 

During the Easter vacation everyone will be notified about the interview stage – so keep a check on your university email account. Short interviews will take place in Weeks 2 – 4 of the Summer term.  You will  be given a bank of possible questions that could be asked in the interview, but you will not know which you will be asked in advance.  Try not to be too nervous – you have got through to this stage and you have some great experiences to tell us about!  And remember that the interviewers are on your side, they really want you to do well.

Some students are called back for a second interview if the assessors feel they have not performed to the best of their ability the first time round – again this is nothing to worry about. We will give you feedback on where you can improve – it’s really important to us that you are as skilled as possible in articulating the value of your experiences in an interview situation.  Again, we find that students who are asked to come back for a second interview perform much better if they take advantage of a feedback appointment.  You will be advised how to book a feedback appointment if necessary.

In Week 5 of Summer term we will inform applicants of the final outcome of their York Award application, and you can then look forward to our celebration event towards the end of summer term.