Writing opportunity for English & creative writing students

Adam Barker, a student from the University of Manchester is studying entrepreneurship and has started a company with a friend which looks at the health, fitness and nutrition of students and the every day person, looking to improve their vitality, health, image and wellness. They are looking to be the knowledge leader in these fields for students, also offering retail and healthy food produce at a high quality level.

This is an opportunity for English and Creative Writing students to write articles on their website and mobile app with regards to certain related topics for their growing enterprise. You will gain full accreditation for your articles on their website and they can also offer full references for your work.

They are looking for one large article per week (around 2,000 words), and 2-3 other smaller articles (around 500 – 750 words) to be placed on their website with full accreditation. They will hand out the topics of the articles for you to do some research and write a factual piece on the given topic and/or question.

If you are interested in developing your portfolio and skills and get references for your work, please either email adambarker11@gmail.com or ring Adam on 07437011107 for more information. If you decide to continually produce articles for the company, they can further look at employment opportunities in the future.