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Reading business journals is just one way of developing a deeper understanding of an industry. It encourages you to think beyond the confines of the graduate roles you may be applying for. Not only do you need to have a good awareness of what the role you are applying for entails, but you also need to be aware of factors that influence the organisation/industry that you want to work in, this is where reading a relevant journal can fill the gaps in your knowledge.

Most sectors have journals and websites providing industry news and vacancy information. We stock current issues and back issues at Careers of a range of business journals. For a list of which ones we stock please see the Information Resources section on our website or come in and see us.

Here are some reasons why reading a business journal is a good idea

  • It shows a commitment to a particular career path and helps you to confirm to yourself that it is the right sector for you. If reading the journal proves to be a chore then maybe you should be considering a different career.
  • By reading the journal over a length of time, you will start to build up a knowledge and get a feel for issues facing the industry. You’re more likely to sound knowledgeable in interview if you can draw on background knowledge spanning several weeks and months rather than cramming in the few days before your interview.
  • If you have some background knowledge, you will have more to discuss at interview and you’ll be able to confidently answer questions like ‘Who are our competitors and what are the differences between us?’ Or ‘What story in the business press has interested you most?’
  • You will get used to the jargon and terms used in the industry.
  • Make it a part of your routine. Depending on the journal, we get monthly or weekly copies. Back issues are also filed in the Information Room. They can’t be taken away but you are very welcome to sit and read them in Careers while enjoying a hot drink from our drinks machine.

Focus on Campaign Magazine

In this – the first of a series of Resource Review blogs – the focus is specifically on Campaign magazine which is one of the journals we stock in Careers. Campaign is one of the UK’s leading magazines in the advertising and media industries.

What will I learn from reading Campaign?

Cast out of your mind the idea that business journals are dusty and boring. Campaign is vibrant and informative and reading it will help you to understand the crucial issues and trends within the industry. Here are some key features:

  • Ten things you need to know this week – The key news such as new business accounts and career moves by senior industry figures, is delivered in bitesize format or if you have more time, is covered in more detail in longer articles.
  • Pick of the Week and Turkey of the Week Campaign’s verdict and comment of the latest ad campaigns. More in depth analysis of high profile campaigns can be found in the Close-Up section and Private View.
  • View from the top’ and ‘View from the bottom – A really interesting feature which focuses on a senior industry figure and a junior figure. They talk about their weeks at work and provide a good insight into the tasks that they face on a weekly basis.
  • On the Campaign Couch with Jeremy Bullmore– agony uncle.  Jeremy answers questions on careers, recent developments in advertising and trending news.
  • Appointments – job vacancies. 

Campaign can also be found on Facebook and Twitter and online