Finding immediate employment…

Scary words, but happily a real outcome for many of the students who joined us for the trial Summer Recruitment Day on Tuesday 17th June, at Careers. The agencies on the day, ranging from Brook Street, to Manpower and Royle Recruitment to Yorkshire Graduates were thrilled to meet with our students and gave brilliant feedback – whatsmore they are keen to come again. Which is great news – so those 139 students who signed in on the day clearly impressed the agencies, so much so that they are looking to make a trip up to Careers a regular event.

Even if students didn’t leave with an actual job, many had benefited from a CV review, and a chance to move along in their career planning. For some, starting a conversation with an employment agency can seem rather daunting, but they are experts in pulling out skills to position the candidate in the best light. So, if you’re not yet sorted for summer, or beyond, then be sure to pop into your high street agencies, armed with your CV, to ask about what sort of roles are available – be they temporary or permanent, local or national.

Don’t forget we can support you to polish your CV – check out the Careers appointments!