Student Internationalisation

Some of you may have seen the recent article in Nouse entitled “Home students must aim higher” published on 1st June 2014. The author raises concerns about home students not engaging with the internationalisation process and lacking intercultural competencies that overseas students have.

At Careers we understand how important it is to assist in the creation of internationally competent graduates who must operate within an expanding global marketplace after leaving university. International activity broadens the educational experience enabling students to differentiate themselves from their competition.

It is important for both home and international students to make you aware of the vast array of skills courses and development opportunities available to you at York through Careers.

If you do nothing else over the summer it would be very well worth your time having a look at to see how we can help you to make the most of yourself. We offer one to one appointments for CV checking or general careers advice. There is a wealth of information on our sector pages and you can sign up to receive emails about forthcoming foreign language and skills courses and useful networking events.

It is also worth making contact with The Centre for Global Programmes. They believe that every student should have the opportunity to gain an international experience of some kind. They can offer a wide range of exciting options to study or work abroad. More information can be found at

Your future is quite literally in your hands and your ability to complete with your peers in our increasingly international jobs market depending entirely on what skills and experience you have to offer – take action and be the best you can be!