GUEST BLOG: Careers in Technology – Not what you think!?

KPMG trainee Guest blog written by Lorna Croot, Technology Graduate Trainee, KPMG

Ever considered where a career in Technology Consulting could take you?

You may not have thought a career in Technology Consulting might be for you, but as the global demand for Technology solutions grows, this work offers huge scope for bright minds looking for internships or graduate positions – and best of all, not all roles require a Technology related degree, all training will be given on the job.

This work can take you to the heart of the business world and as an Technology intern or graduate trainee, you’ll be working to help develop game-changing solutions on exciting projects for fascinating clients — from cyber security to new financial technology, from governments to global blue chip clients.

Let’s hear from KPMG Technology Graduate Trainee Lorna Croot. 

Lorna Croot – BA, Modern Languages and European Studies, Bath University

Joining KPMG’s Technology Consulting practice is a lot like opening a box of chocolates for the first time … you never quite know what you are going to get. But what you do know is that it will be exciting, there will be a lot of variety and you will learn a lot. As a graduate on the job hunt, the decision to pursue a career in Technology Consulting at KPMG will not leave you disappointed, much like a box of chocolates.

What kind of projects do you work on?

Within Technology Consulting there is the chance to work in the Financial Services sector where we work with some of the world’s biggest financial services providers on a range of complex IT-driven projects. These projects can be huge in terms of scope, time and value, often lasting several years, or small investigative pieces that take a few weeks of intense focus. This could involve setting up a market-leading internet banking proposition for a major UK retail bank in London, overhauling the finance function of an insurance giant in Switzerland, building a reporting dashboard for one of the world’s biggest investment banks in New York, or even designing a completely new bank from scratch in Australia.

What is the work like?

The work we do is current, relevant and interesting. Topics such as regulatory change, data integrity, governance and accuracy, IT innovation, systems testing and the Cloud are crucial to our work and incidentally also to the everyday life of every person in the UK.

But what does this really mean for a graduate joining KPMG?

This means exhilarating never-ending variety. Two days are very rarely the same. You will be exposed to a diverse interesting client base through being an integral team member in an eclectic mix of projects. You will enjoy responsibility from the day you walk through the door. Not only will you contribute to the delivery of major projects but you will also be exposed to senior team members at numerous high profile clients, as your contribution is not only expected but valued.

Do you have to come from a Technology background?

From your first day here, you are encouraged to develop not only your knowledge of the field but also to develop yourself, through the extensive training on offer. Do stupid questions exist? Graduates on the Technology Consulting Programme are from a variety of backgrounds so stupid questions really don’t exist. Every graduate brings their own skills to the job and this creates a multi-skilled diverse graduate community where it really is possible to learn something new every day. There is no ‘stereotypical’ team member within Technology Consulting – much like our clients and our projects, we ourselves are all different, with varying backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Why Technology?

It is undeniable that technology is the future and it is exciting to be part of it and watch this area evolve. The team has grown and is getting bigger – our headcount figure has more than doubled in the past three years. Furthermore, we are a dynamic, ambitious team, over 35% of our team are graduates, meaning you have plenty of peers to support you, socialise with and who can guide you.

So … the box of chocolates is in front of you … can you resist opening it?

Joined KPMG: 2012

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KPMG are open for 2015 applications!  For more information on KPMG Technology Consulting summer Internship, autumn Graduate and One Year Business Placement opportunities– but hurry, positions are already filling fast.

Visit KPMG’s careers website to find out more information on all programmes; there are also lots of hints and tips on how to get through the application process and instructions on how to apply to a KPMG Technology Consulting position today.