CAREERS BLOG: 9 great tips for getting an internship with the Student Internship Bureau

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Jenn and Tom from the Student Internship Bureau will, over the coming months, be setting up lots of exciting paid local internships exclusively for York students.   They are the people you need to impress when you submit your application, so, based on applications they have received in the past, here are their top tips for success!

  1. Tailor your application to each individual opportunity – we want to know why you want, and are the best candidate, for this specific position
  2. Related to this – do not submit identical applications for different positions – you won’t be successful
  3. Read the project brief carefully and research the employer – let them see you are interested in them
  4. Have your CV checked by the Careers team – you can get advice on content, structure, format, and relevance
  5. Proof read /spell check your application – this can make or break whether you are shortlisted
  6. Do the simple things right – for example, apply by the closing date/time and follow any instructions you are given. If you are asked to complete the application form and submit a CV do just that!
  7. Don’t pretend you know everything – obviously you want to push your skills and knowledge, but employers may not like it if you appear to be telling them how to run their organisation
  8. Tell them a bit about yourself – while most of the application should be about the job, if you can let them get a sense of who you are. They want to know you are up to the job but they also want to know that they will be able to get on with you. Try to get your personality across by saying what drives and motivates you
  9. If you are given feedback from the SIB team following an unsuccessful application take it on board. If you are told your CV could do with some work, use the resources we offer – CV Guide on the VLE, information sheets, CV review appointments. If you are lacking in skills come and talk to us about how to address this.

Remember – we want you to succeed and get a great internship! Need more help?  Check out the Student Internship Bureau, get advice on CV writing and find other work experience opportunities.