Study abroad

Have you undertaken study abroad or are you considering it?

On behalf of UniversitiesUK and the British Council, the Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC) is undertaking a survey to obtain students’ and recent graduates’ perspectives on spending time abroad during degree programmes.

We are interested in exchanges or other periods spent in an overseas university, work placements abroad, volunteering abroad or any other overseas element of your degree (or mobility scheme linked with your university), provided it is between two weeks and a year in duration.

We’d like you to complete our online survey if you are a current student or recent graduate who:

  • Has spent one or more periods like this abroad
  • Has applied for study abroad (or another mobility scheme) and is waiting to go
  • Applied but did not go, for whatever reason
  • Considered a scheme or study abroad, but did not apply
  • Is considering it now.

If you are in one of those groups, please undertake our survey at this link:

It should not take you more than about 10 minutes. As an incentive, one respondent will win an online shopping voucher for £250. The survey will remain open until 24 March.

Your responses will be analysed when we prepare our report, which will be published, but you will not be identified; nor will your responses be seen by anybody in your institution. Any contact data you supply remains strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside our research team.