Improve your confidence in Maths – free online course

Improve your mathematical confidence and gain the skills to pass employers’ numeracy tests with this free online course from Loughborough University: Numeracy skills for employability and the workplace.  The course may be helpful if you are:

  • applying for work placements or internships
  • applying for employment
  • applying for a course that requires you to pass numeracy skills tests
  • in employment seeking promotion or wishing to upskill
  • anyone who wishes to refresh their knowledge of numeracy
  • anyone who wishes to improve their mathematical confidence for everyday life.

You can sign up now, and the course runs for three weeks from 15 June.

You can also sign up for the Numbers for the world of work online course offered by Careers, which runs each term.  Bookings for next term’s course open in Careers Gateway on Monday 13 April.

And don’t forget to keep a record of any skills courses and other experience in your Employability Tutorial on the VLE – that way, when you come to write your CV or fill in an application, you’ll have the information you need together in one place.