CAREERS BLOG: There are still jobs out there!

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Resources Manager, Careers

If it seems like all your friends have graduate jobs, summer work or travelling lined up for the end of the Summer Term and you’ve not yet, don’t despair – there are still opportunities out there. You just need to get looking and applying.

Big company examples

Some of the large companies are still recruiting for both internships and graduate roles. For instance, PwC are currently advertising at, with opportunities which can be searched by UK location, international location, business function and work experience programme. PwC have already recruited 29 candidates from York. Could you be the 30th?

Deloitte are another big recruiter still seeking top-class candidates – they’re interested in any degree discipline students and have recruited York students from economics, history, management and politics in recent times. See for vacancies.

Something different

Of course, you may want a job or work experience away from the big graduate employers. If so, you may need to search a bit wider than the usual graduate job sites and may have to be a bit more creative in your job hunting. How about sending speculative applications to potential employers? If you need help locating suitable employers, try information resources like our Considering… series of information sheets or the job sectors on the Careers website.

Look out for the Student Internship Bureau‘s latest opportunities for summer – vacancies will be advertised at the start of the Summer Term, through Careers Gateway. Past internships have included working for FERA, East Coast, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Selby Council, and Garbutt & Elliott.

Summer’s here

If you just want to have a summer job in York that will help pay the bills (as well as help you build up your skills), consider the hospitality and tourist industries. York’s tourist season never really stops, but summer sees an increase in visitor numbers and many of them will be staying in York. Hotels, restaurants, bars and pubs often need extra staff during the summer months.

Retail outlets and tourist attractions (such as museums and activities for children and families) are also worth considering for summer work. The horseracing season starts in May and York Racecourse will also have need for temporary, seasonal staff. If you’re interested in its front-of-house operations, call into Careers to find out more.

Keep checking the vacancies advertised on Careers Gateway and try using the job sites listed on our information sheets, particularly:

  • Finding graduate job vacancies
  • How to get work experience and internships
  • Finding part-time and temporary work in the UK.

Remember, it’s important that you make time and effort into job applications, even if they’re for temporary work. There are some tips on the SIB page to help, as well as other help on the applications and interviews web pages.

If you’re still not sure what steps to take to secure work experience or a job after graduation, make a careers advice or information appointment and discuss things further.