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Want to know what it’s really like working in a particular job or work sector?  Would you like to hear it from those in the role?

It’s always good to find out about what a type of work’s really like direct from those doing the job, rather than just reading generic information. Even better is hearing from recent graduates, who were once in your position – studying at York and researching and choosing their future career.

Our York profiles give you an insight into a role, with graduates giving a taster of

  • What their job entails
  • How they got their job
  • What skills they think are helpful to have
  • The best things about their job
  • The things they’re not so fond of!
  • Plus other great bits of inside knowledge.

They also give their tips and advice to current York students, ranging from “get work experience”, to ”talk to as many people in as many different jobs as possible” and ” get involved” to “attend career events”. We promise these are genuine comments from York graduates – totally unprompted by Careers!

Many of our alumni are also willing to be contacted by current students. So, if you’ve got a burning question, having read one of the profiles (and there is contact message at the top of the profile’s page), why not contact the alum to find out more?

You can search the profiles by a number of ways:

  • Academic department
  • Qualification level of the graduate
  • By country if they’re working outside of the UK
  • Job sector
  • Year of graduation.

It’s not just about jobs either – there are also further study profiles. So if you’re considering postgraduate study, have a look and see what York alumni say about their courses after their undergraduate study.

To search the profiles, visit and get reading!

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