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There are lots of activities, student groups and experiences you can be involved with while at university. It might be working part-time, helping out with a local community initiative or being part of a student society. The order you do these activities is up to you, but many students tell us they would like some ideas of what to do and when to do them –  particularly to help improve their chances of getting into a career area of interest to them.

In response, we created the Careers timeline. There are two versions – one for undergrads and the other for taught postgrads (taught Masters students can access their tailored version by clicking on the View Masters version link on the main page). It’s there to give ideas and suggestions of what career-related actions you could be taking during your time at York. These include:

  • Developing your personal skill
  • Exploring volunteering opportunities
  • Joining student societies
  • Applying for jobs or further study.

We’re not going to be prescriptive – you can still choose to do things when you want, but the timeline should give you an idea of when, typically, things will happen. That way you won’t miss out on opportunities and events.

The timeline gives a general overview on the first screen of what you might do throughout the duration of your course.

Click on your year of study (Year 1, Year 2, etc for undergraduates) and get a bit more detail or click on the term in any year of study for even more ideas and advice.

By clicking on the bars in the timeline, you’ll get some initial info and links to more. We’ve even thrown in a rough idea of what actual Careers events are running on any given week in a term.

Don’t forget to record your activities and experiences (as well as the skills you’ve gained from them) in your personalised Employability Plan in the VLE’s Employability Tutorial. You can then refer to this record when you come to apply for jobs and courses.

If you’re not sure about anything – whether it’s work experience, volunteering, skills enhancement or developing your employability – get in touch with us. Our Information Team can answer quick queries at our enquiry desk in Careers or book an appointment for your more detailed questions.

Visit for lots of information and advice.

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