CAREERS BLOG: Going global with GoinGlobal!

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If our recent Global opportunities fair left you wanting more info about working outside of the UK, you’ll be interested in the great resource that is GoinGlobal.

Careers has subscribed to a new job search tool that can help you research country information and jobs across the globe. GoinGlobal provides detailed country specific employment information for more than 40 locations. As well as job listings, there is also information on cultural business and job hunting trends, cultural CV writing tips and visa information specific to each of the 40 plus countries covered. Each country guide is created by a team of in-country researchers who have all lived and worked outside their home country. Their aim is to provide a toolkit for global career seekers to make an informed decision.

What are the best bits?

  • Job search toolthe website has a job search tool that lets you search by country, industry and type of role.  Job search results can be viewed in various different languages. GoinGlobal states there are more than 16 million openings on their database. It also has links to a multitude of country specific job search resources from online job sites to staffing agencies, careers fairs, freelance resources and newspapers that publish job adverts. The job search resources in each country guide list not only the most popular job search websites but also provide information on internship programmes, temporary and freelance work plus national and local careers fairs and events.

  • Practical information  – living costs, visas, accomodation
    Visa information can sometimes be confusing and complicated, however the section on work permits and visas is really useful and explains the application process and requirements briefly yet clearly for each country covered. Similarly there is a section on financial considerations such as housing, transportation, taxes and health care. Not exciting, but crucial if you are going to live in another country. The real day to day minutiae is covered too. How much is a beer, movie tickets and a tube of toothpaste? What kind of hours are people expected to work? Which days are public holidays? This type of information helps you create a more complete picture of what to expect and what to budget.
  • Cultural guidelines for job-hunting
    A really invaluable part of this website is the information provided in each country guide on the cultural aspects of job-hunting. Just as you need to research and target your application to each company you apply to, the same can be said for each country or job market, for example, in Finland

    “ As honesty is a valued character trait in Finland and superlatives are not commonly used in cover letters, it is safest to keep the cover letter factual.”

    The section on CV and covering letter guidelines provides an idea of what to include and what pattern to follow when creating a CV, for example, the Finnish expect you to include a photo on your CV. This local level cultural information can really help you target your job applications appropriately and show that you have taken the care and interest to use culturally appropriate language or formatting.
  • Culture and insight into values
    The cultural information section is really useful for giving you a flavour of the nation and to help you understand the nature of a country and it’s citizens. This kind of information will help you to gauge how to fit in and understand what character traits are viewed favourably. For example in Japan:

    “the Japanese admire hard work, extra effort, openness, obedience, willingness to learn and the ability to keep an even temper. Skills (especially language skills) should be understated; bragging or exaggerating your accomplishments should be avoided.”

    This section also provides some useful tips on etiquette and what is expected in terms of greetings, invitations and personal space. In fact, for Finland there is a whole section dedicated to sauna etiquette. This is invaluable, where else can you so easily find out that an invitation to a sauna is considered an honour and to refuse would be perceived as an insult!
    If you don’t want to read the cultural advice section in detail, the ‘If you want to act like a local…’ section will provide the main cultural points in bullet format.

What makes it special

GoinGlobal brings together in one place, all the key information needed by the international jobseeker. The fact it is all in one place, means it provides a very complete picture and it saves you having to do multiple google searches to try and  piece the information together yourself. In fact, one of the aims of GoinGlobal is to “deliver useful and unique material that is hand gathered at its source—not just compiled from other internet sources.”

The huge amount of information could seem quite daunting at first and It would be easy to be put off by this, but don’t be. Once you delve into it you will find it is invaluable and will give you many things to think about and starting points to explore.

GoinGlobal is accessible via the International work web page. 200x179_gumbi Look for the GG icon in the right hand column. Log in with your University of York student username and password.