CAREERS BLOG: New Year’s Resolutions

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Careers blog written by Nicola Haydon, Graduate Intern – Marketing and Information Support, Careers

With 2016 just around the corner, it’s getting to that time of year when people start discussing New Year’s Resolutions.  Rather than making a resolution you know you won’t keep, use this as an opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved so far, and start thinking ahead to where you want to be this time next year.

Some of the Careers team have shared their resolutions for a great year:

“I don’t do resolutions in the traditional way. The one and only resolution I have is to do ten new things that I have never done before each year. This encourages me to try new things and to spot opportunities for learning and growth, and it’s fun!” – Casee, Temporary Administrator

“I’d like to work “smarter” – to get in control of the little jobs as well as the big ones by putting time aside in my diary for them specifically – and then enjoy the feeling of being more in control!” – Becky, Assistant Director – Employer Engagement

“I want to manage my online presence better. I want to make sure that I’m taken seriously by those I’m trying to engage.” – Professor Ben D Penn

“My New Year’s resolution is to try to plan ahead rather than only focusing on things I need to get done that day. That way I’ll hopefully avoid things springing up on me before I’ve had time to prepare for them!” – Emily, Graduate Intern – Volunteering Programmes Support Officer, York Cares

“Stop procrastinating, so I can feel more in control of my work.” – Irena, Information Resources Manager

“I want to be more confident in networking situations so that I can improve my professional network of contacts.” – Nicola, Graduate Intern – Marketing and Information Support

“Recognise that I can’t do everything, be more strategic about what I do do and don’t beat myself up when I don’t get everything done!” – Hilary, Information Assistant

“My New Year’s resolution will be to make more effort to keep a record of all the things I do throughout the year, whether that be by taking more photos for my (currently empty!) photo albums or writing down training and events I attend to help me write future job applications.” – Beth, Volunteering Projects Graduate Intern

What do you want to get out of 2016?

Happy New Year from all at Careers!