CAREERS BLOG: How a degree in Archaeology can lead to a life of crime….

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No, I’m not talking about Archaeologists becoming master criminals and then using their digging skills to tunnel out of incarceration. I’m talking about the significant number of York Archaeology grads who are interested in careers related to crime, law and justice.

The top 3 crime related careers:

  1. Police Officer:

Using the advanced problem solving skills developed through data analysis and research, together with the adaptable communication and team work skills developed from working on digs, a career in the police can really appeal to Archaeologists who “want to make a difference”. You can apply for jobs directly with a specific police force or there’s a new graduate scheme to train as a police officer.

  1. Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation:

The ability to analyse objects and data and report findings , using the fine motor skills and attention to detail gained through working with archaeological finds can make this a potential area of interest for Archaeology graduates. Employers could include specialist private companies , Archaeology consultants , the Police Force or private security firms. However, this is both a niche and competitive area which requires at least a relevant MSc.

  1. Barrister and Solicitor:

Archaeologists who enjoy the research and project management aspects of the degree can often be attracted to a career in Law, where you will be creating and implementing a strategy to win different legal cases. Again, the strong interpersonal skills gained from the emphasis on teamwork in the degree fits well with the ability to negotiate, influence and advocate on behalf of clients. As a non-law student, you would need to undertake a one year conversion course after you graduate, then you would apply for legal training as a Barrister or training as Solicitor in the same way as a Law graduate.

Want to know how you can find out more at York?

We’re hosting a big careers event on Working In: Criminal Justice System in week 8, Tuesday 23rd of Feb at 6.30pm in Physics. This is an amazing opportunity to hear from professionals (including recent York grads) working in the sector who can tell you how it really feels, the good and bad stuff and help you work out if this could be the career for you. Don’t miss out!