CAREERS BLOG: The practicalities of the job hunt

UoY Careers Imagine the possibilities LARGE dark green Careers blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Development Manager, Careers

The word is that the graduate job market hasn’t been so buoyant in years, as it is right now. Sometimes though, it might not feel like it when you’re in the middle of looking for work. Juggling dissertations, final assignments and exams, while also being expected to grab that job is no mean feat.

You might have read up on the recruitment process – applications, interviews, assessment centres, but still feel a bit uncertain about looking for and finding the right vacancies for you.

If you’re about to embark on the graduate job hunt or are in the middle of it, but need some further insights, why not try our latest online resource?

The Job hunting toolkit moves away from the theory and offers some more practical tips about finding job adverts, understanding them and getting to grips with what employers are looking for in a candidate.

Here’s what you’ll find inside…

  1. It starts with some myth-busting. No, not all the jobs are in London; not all your friends and course mates have got jobs; a graduate job doesn’t mean working in finance. These are just a few to start with check out the others in this section.
  2. Not everyone knows how to get the best out of searching and using online job sites, so we give you a few tips to get you started.
  3. If you’ve read job adverts and thought, “what do those terms actually mean?”, then have a look at our sample adverts, complete with explanations and a bit of jargon busting too in the Understanding job adverts section.
  4. What do employers really want? Do they expect you to have every single quality and skill that’s in the job advert? What are they thinking when the look at your application? Take a look at the What employers want section to discover more.
  5. Finally, we give you some suggested next steps for whatever stage you’re currently at. These direct you to some useful resources and offer some tips on unsuccessful applications and how to overcome them.

That’s not the end of it, though. Keep a look out for more content, as we add an explanation of recruitment timescales and other handy info, in the coming weeks.

So, now you know, it’s time to get that job!