Web Highlights #1: Using Careers Gateway


Careers blog written by Mandy Simmons, Careers Information Officer

There’s lots of useful information on the Careers website, but not everyone’s aware of the great resources available. So, welcome to the first in a series of web page highlights, to help you make the most of what’s on offer. First we start with the basics… Careers Gateway.

What is Careers Gateway?

Careers Gateway allows you find jobs, book appointments, find out about events and tell us what emails you want to receive from us.  Setting your email preferences is easy and it means that when we sent out targeted emails about an event you won’t miss out   You can also set it to notify you when new vacancies matching your interests are added.

Job Vacancies

We advertise thousands of opportunities every year – part time jobs, internships, graduate jobs, volunteering opportunities, insight days and more. Take some time to explore how to search for the type of jobs you want. One of the most useful filters to use is the “Opportunity Type” – this allows you to say if you want to see part time jobs, graduate level jobs etc. You can also select a location, BUT we would advise against using too many filters when you search as this may limit the vacancies you see.  If you need help, call into Careers.  There are many other ways to find jobs – check out the Look for Work section of our website.

Booking appointments

We offer appointments to help you research careers, find jobs, make decisions about your future and to help you through the application process for jobs and further study.  Before you book it’s important that you read about the types of appointments we offer.  Two important things you need to know:

  1. Most appointments* open for booking through Careers Gateway at 8.00am the day before the appointment. (So for example Thursday’s appointments are available to book from 8.00am on Wednesday morning.)
  2. So that as many students as possible have the chance to talk to us, you are limited to 2 appointments of each type within a 70 day period.

*Mock Interview appointments  are bookable up to 7 days in advance.

Event listings

We run hundreds of events each year and you can find details of these in Careers Gateway.   Our events allow you to meet employers, learn more about different job sectors, network and lots more.  The information on the event listing in Careers Gateway will tell you what you need to do to attend.

Submit a question

Through the Query section you can ask us a careers related question. If you are not in York you can even get your CV/Application reviewed this way (if you are in York you should book an appointment for  a face to face CV review if possible)

Too many emails?

If you find you are getting too many emails from us – just update your profile so you receive only the alerts you need.