GUEST BLOG: From university to work


 Guest blog written by RAM Tracking  

Following on from the successful appointment of Graduate Marketing Assistant, RAM Tracking asked a series of questions helping to inspire and educate future graduates currently at University. 

As a brief insight, Becky graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Psychology. In total, a series of 8 questions were asked to Rebecca, in which the full interview can be found in full on the RAM Tracking website.

How do you find the transition between Student and a full time working role?

I’ve worked since I was 15 years old (part time), so I’ve always understood the values and expectations in the workplace. As a student you don’t really have a set routine, so at first getting into one is a bit of a shock, but I quickly adjusted. Getting into a full time role in the area you are interested in is like a reward for all your hard work at university and school.

How does working at RAM Tracking help you with your future career aspirations?

I’m really interested in marketing and aspire to excel in this area. This fast growing company have a lot of ideas especially within their marketing department, which will definitely develop my knowledge and skills in both traditional and new emerging digital marketing channels.

What would you recommend an individual to wear on their first day at a new job?

It obviously depends on the type of job you are going in to, but I would say always check with your new manager beforehand. For me, I think it’s always better to be over-dressed than under-dressed, so always dress smart and comfortable.

How did you make a good first impression?

Before my interview I researched the company and made sure to ask lots of questions, which shows interest and employers appreciate that. I’m friendly and confident which is always important to portray in interviews and showed my personality. I also researched interview questions and asked my family to practice with me.

What are the biggest learnings you can take from your experience that you can pass onto other students?

Finding your first full time job after university can be difficult, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the first thing you’ve applied for. Going for interviews will give you some great experience; and if you don’t get the job, always ask for feedback. I applied for another job before I got this one at RAM Tracking. I had to create and present a PowerPoint presentation, when I didn’t get it I asked for feedback and their comments were that my presentation was mostly read off the screen and too much writing on the slides. I used this feedback for my second interview with RAM, as I had to create another PowerPoint presentation, and following that, got the job!

How did you find working with established members of the team?

I think I’ve got a lot to learn from them and their experiences. Everyone started off in my position, so it is encouraging to think I could be in their position one day.

How would you describe your job role?

My main responsibilities include email marketing, writing blogs and content, the upkeep of the company’s social media and developing sales aids and marketing assets for the wider business.

What has been the biggest challenge for you at RAM Tracking?

I think the biggest challenge for me is learning all the jargon, for instance; the actual tracking device jargon, new software (SalesForce) and marketing terms. I bought a marketing dictionary before starting, so I will be able to learn some key phrases. I also find writing everything down helps me to remember.