GUEST BLOG: Landing your dream job

ibm-blog-image Guest blog written by Kate, placement student at IBM. She is working within the recruitment attractions team with a heavy focus on the marketing side.

Only four months into my placement I feel I have gained a plethora of knowledge when it comes to the recruitment process in general, so I thought I’d share my top five tips for landing yourself your dream career.

Tip One – Personalistion: Most application forms will have a designated area for you to share why exactly you want to work for that specific organisation. Make it personal, naming specific products, projects, people, advertisements, initiatives or strategies. Try this – if you remove the company name from your answers and still feel the content could be applicable to other organisations, it’s not personal enough!

Tip Two – Social Media: It can hugely improve the personalisation element of any application form. With social media being at the very core of our society nowadays, we have access to a wealth of reports, blogs, videos, podcasts and online lectures, following a company on social media is one of the most effective ways to keep up to date with their current affairs.

Tip Three – The STAR format: For those that ramble when it comes to written communication this technique is great. By identifying a situation, task, action and result of one particular instance in which you demonstrated a particular skill or competency it increases clarity and makes your statement more concise. This is particularly effective for those application forms with a word limit. This framework can also be used in face to face interviews!

Tip Four – Spelling & Grammar: There is nothing that screams lack of care and attention to detail more than poor spelling and bad grammar. Write all applications on a word document as opposed to the template provided, spell check it, check it yourself and ask a friend or relative to as well!

Tip Five – Personality: Don’t be afraid to let your personality show on an application form, we love to see examples of the competencies we measure (team work, adaptability, passion for business, ownership, self-drive, leadership, communication and creative problem solving) that are both personal and professional. Captain of the quidditch team? Solved a customer’s problem in your part-time job? We want to hear about them all both on the application and in interview!

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