Have your say with student surveys

866529_feedback_form_excellent Careers blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Development Manager, Careers

Student opinions and feedback are sought by employers, research organisations and the University itself.

Each year there are major national and international surveys, which aim to discover what current students think about their place of study, which employers interest them, and what careers they want to work in. These surveys include, Universum Career Test, Trendence survey and Potential Park.

Obviously, the organisations conducting these surveys aren’t expecting to get student feedback for free. That’s why they offer incentives for completion of the survey. These can include online gift vouchers, tech-y kit, trips, and even personalised careers advice.

Then there’s the other types of annual surveys, which aim to find out what students think about their university. York runs a Freshers’ Survey between November and January each year and students are sent an email with an individual link, so they can access the survey.

During the Spring term, there’s the National Student Survey, which measures students’ satisfaction with a variety of areas within their university. The data is available to help prospective students compare institutions and courses when deciding on their choice of university.

So, whether it’s to get something “off your chest” or to help future students decide, why not give one or more of these surveys a go? Further information about each one is available on our surveys web page.