Charity training worth £1100 is now free to current students

Thanks to a generous grant, will be able to offer Charity Apprentice 2017 for free to students who dream of working to change the world for the better.

The international development charity have spent two years working with experts from across the sector to develop Charity Apprentice: a course that anyone can do in their spare time to gain entry-level charity skills. A combination of online learning and fun real-life challenges, Charity Apprentice is a must for anyone considering a career in the sector and covers topics ranging from fundraising regulation and marketing to sustainable development and effective advocacy.

Heather Kelly, current Charity Apprentice, graduated from the University of York in 2016 where she studied History. She said:

“Charity work and volunteering was always a huge part of my university experience, whether it was one-off fundraisers, being college RAG-representative, or volunteering for our college charity, it was the most rewarding, exciting and enjoyable part of university. Charity Apprentice was the perfect stepping-stone for me; my university experience made me dream of working in the charity sector in fundraising and marketing, but sadly the sector can be incredibly difficult to get into. Charity Apprentice has been hugely enjoyable; allowing me to follow my dreams and have amazing experiences from weekend bootcamps away, to managing a team of fundraisers at V Festival. Not only this, but it has allowed me to understand the ins and outs of the sector; getting a deeper knowledge of legislation, public opinion, using data and insight, and how best to contact the media, amongst many many other things!

It is the only opportunity that allows you to get the experience the charity sector craves from applicants, whilst allowing you to fit this experience around work and studies. I am now teaching Mathematics in Manchester through Teach First, although this is not the fundraising job I once thought I was destined for, I would not be where I am today without Charity Apprentice. It did not just teach me about the charity sector, but gave me invaluable opportunities to develop a whole range of skills, from communication, to marketing, to organisation. Not only that, but employers love to see that you are passionate about something! Charity Apprentice shows your commitment to balancing your workload for something you care about, and allows you to really shine through in your own way, sharing your own opinions, ideas and imagination and giving you the freedom to put them into action. Charity Apprentice really does let you make changing the world your day job, a mantra I loved living by whilst I was still at university, and something I now take into the classroom with me every day.”

The course fees for a year are priced at £1100, but thanks to a generous grant from the Sofronie foundation, are able to offer free course places to students and recent graduates for the first time this year.To see a full course outline and apply for your place, visit