Welcome back: it’s time to explore!

Spring Term (and once exams are over) is a good time to explore career options and opportunities for those who haven’t already done so.

What might you explore?

If you’re not sure what you might be interested in doing after university, why not try generating some ideas by visiting our Get ideas section. There are exercises to help you find suggestions linked to your interests, values and experience, as well as resources to help you find out more about different careers

Our Job sector pages can help you research types of work (‘Is it right for me?’) and also work out what your next steps might be (getting work experience, developing relevant skills).

If you know what you’re interested in, but need work experience to either try out ideas or beef up your CV and improve your chances of getting the job, then the Look for work section can help.  With details about different types of vacancies and links to job sites, there’s plenty of useful information.

Even if you know what you want to do and you know where to find opportunities, there are still things you can explore, including how best to present yourself in applications and at interview.

On-campus events are an excellent way of finding out more about a type of work, a job sector or a particular employer.

Coming early in this term, for example, is the Careers with children, young people and adult learners event, offering the chance to talk with representatives from organisations involved with education-related work. This offers the chance to ask questions about the sector, different roles within it and how best to get in.

Check the events programme to see what and who is on campus this term and how you can benefit.

If you’re not sure what or how to explore, then get in touch. You can call into Careers anytime between 11am – 1pm every weekday (except Tuesdays) in term time and have a chat – no appointment necessary.