GUEST BLOG: Being a brand manager

 Guest blog written by Rebecca Lawes (English & Philosophy), Frontline Brand Manager

What appealed to you about being a Frontline Brand Manager? 

Being able to promote a really influential charity appealed to me because I really wanted a part time job that made a real difference, but that was still well paid and flexible. The opportunity to speak to students who are really passionate about changing the lives of vulnerable children also appealed to me, as I really liked the idea of my part time university job being rewarding and interesting. There are lots of brand ambassador opportunities available, but to me just promoting a big company or product seemed like a very hard sales kind of role that I would just not have been as passionate about. Working for a prestigious charity that is completely unique in what it does is much more exciting! It also appealed to me because the hours are flexible and I can completely set my own timetable and workload but I get paid National Living Wage, which is often hard to find in the third sector.

What have you learnt from being a Brand Manager?

I have learnt the importance of strong time management – juggling commitments and making good use of dead time like writing emails on the bus! I have also learnt to have confidence in my own ideas and to trust my judgement in terms of how to best approach speaking to a lead or in thinking about creative promotional ideas. This role has also been really good for improving my confidence in speaking to new people or groups and my email etiquette, as a large part of the role involves emailing the Careers Service, departments or leads.

What are you future graduation/career plans?

I would like to work in Third Sector PR, working with charities on their public image, campaigns and projects. I also may like to teach or work with young people one day too. My brand manager role is perfect experience for going into third sector public relations because I am practising verbal and written communication regularly. I have talked about my brand manager job at interviews for PR internships and they are always impressed with the experience it is giving me. If I do decide to work with young people in the future I now understand the importance of social work and the opportunities available in the field.

Frontline are looking for Brand Managers to work on campus and represent Frontline at York university. Brand Managers will be responsible for promoting Frontline, building our brand presence on campus and helping us find outstanding individuals to take part in our two year leadership programme. 

Applications open on 6th February. See our Brand Manager page for more information.