GUEST BLOG: Five top tips to make your job application stand out

 Guest blog written by Liz Jarrold, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

So you’ve done your research, you know the company you want to work for and you’ve found your ideal role. Now it’s time to take the first official step to starting your new career. Here are five top tips to help you with your online application.

Tip 1: Apply Now

At Enterprise, our graduate management trainee programme  is open all year round but it is important to leave enough time to apply for your chosen location. A timely application demonstrates your organisational skills, your commitment and your eagerness, and think how good it would feel to have received a graduate job offer before you set up camp in the library at the end of your second semester?

By spending some time in the summer doing your research, you will be more than ready to apply – and at Enterprise we have a rolling recruitment process, so your graduate position could easily be secured before Christmas!

Tip 2: Tailor Your Application

Every single role you apply for is different, so every application form you send off needs to be different too! What employers are looking for is proof that you’ve done your homework on the company and the role, so research that company’s values and find out about the competencies they’re looking for. Use these to tailor the experiences you include on your application form.

If you’ve worked in a variety of positions, that’s great – but what employers are really looking for is the quality of those experiences and how they match with the ones required for the role on offer. Pick at most three current or previous jobs and make them the stars of the show! 

Tip 3: Don’t Forget the ‘Additional Information’

Yes, we want to know your education qualifications and work experience history, but we also want to get to know you as a person. The ‘Hobbies/Interests’ and ‘Honours/Awards’ sections provide a real opportunity to show your personality, so tell us something interesting about yourself, not forgetting any societies you’re involved in or any clubs or groups that have made your university experience unique. We love to be able to read something on your application and use it as a conversation starter at an interview!

Tip 4: Spellcheck

I know you’re busy – what with coursework and exams, part-time work and trying to maintain a balanced social life, but the application form really is something to make time for. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are a sure-fire way to get your application noticed… for the wrong reasons! Proofread your application like you would the final draft of your dissertation and read it out loud to spot any tongue-twisting sentences.

For even more guidance on proof-reading your application form, check out our blog ‘7 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on your Job Application’. 

Tip 5: Follow Up

 If you know one of our employees, have ever chatted to one of our Campus Brand Managers, or even if this is your first time speaking to us, it would be a great idea to introduce yourself to your local Talent Acquisition Specialist by sending them an email to let them know you’ve applied.

This definitely shouldn’t be an essay (you’ve got enough of those to write already) so just include a summary of why you think you’re suited to the role and confirming you have made your application. It’s a great way to be remembered and make a positive first impression.

If you think you’re ready to start a fantastic career, why not put Tip 1 to good use and apply now!

This blog has also appeared on Enterprise Rent-a-Car’s website.