Insider Intern: Jasmine Pledger, Careers Brand Ambassador

“This week on ‘Insider Intern’, I gave the Career Brand Ambassador Jasmine Pledger the task of writing a little bit about herself. Part of my role involves managing our ambassadors, setting them tasks and brainstorming marketing ideas with them. Take a look at Jasmine’s view on the role and her background…” – Hattie Patten-Chatfield


I’m Jasmine one of three Careers Brand Ambassadors and I’m in my third year (terrifying that I’m almost a complete adult now…) studying law. It’s quite nerve-wracking thinking what lies ahead but hopefully some of the things I have been involved with at University has equipped me for the job market.

I’m part of Langwith College and helped run the Mentoring Scheme to help first years transition into University life. I’ve been a Student Ambassador since my first year working on open days with prospective students and working on residential programmes for students considering higher education. My main passion is volunteering, and I was elected as YUSU’s Volunteering Officer in Spring Term. In my role as Volunteering Officer, I am involved in assisting the 16 student-run volunteering projects, working with students to see what volunteering opportunities they want to get involved with and creating and planning volunteering events so students can volunteer and help in their local community. In my role as volunteering officer I have had various meetings with Careers and Placements to discuss their different volunteering programmes and through this I was able to learn more about all the services they offered, as I had only previously engaged with my department employability tutor.

Since then, I have learnt more about Careers and Placements and used Careers Gateway and found the Careers Brand Ambassador position. My role started in Autumn Term and I have been involved in a variety of tasks over the past 7 weeks. It has varied from helping out at the annual careers fairs, collecting statistics on attendance to the fairs and marketing events and motivational quotes for Careers and Placements to display on Social Media. The role is all about getting the word out on what Careers and Placements can do for students, from networking events to CV workshops. It has been really diverse so far and has been great to be involved and have my ideas actually being taken on board rather than being disregarded. It’s flexible and just a few hours a week that fit around my timetable, it is always exciting to go into work which is not said very often and we are paid for the work we do which is a bonus as a student!

I hope you found it interesting to hear about working as a Careers Ambassador. If you’re interested in this role and think you would be a good fit, keep an eye on our social media accounts for vacancies in the Spring Term!