Guest blog: Being a student brand manager for Frontline

 Guest blog written by Rebecca, student Brand Manager for Frontline

Before starting my second year, I was looking for a part time job that I could do alongside my studies. I came across Frontline whilst searching for flexible charity positions. I had begun to think that my search was a little niche –  flexible, salaried positions where you can work in your own time toward a good cause… I hadn’t had much luck until I found Frontline. I had worked with vulnerable young people in the past so I was immediately drawn to the mission of changing the lives of children in the UK through social work. I also wanted to gain experience in PR and marketing so this role was ideal.

Post-graduation, I plan to start a graduate role in London in communications or marketing, with the ultimate aim of working for a large charity. The role has enabled me to forge connections within the university, mainly with societies, heads of departments, administrative staff and the careers service. The need to build a network on campus has given me the confidence and the know how to do a similar thing within my career. Applying for graduate positions is hard and very competitive, but I do think that doing this role has improved my CV hugely and will help at interviews. I’ve found that employers love to see that you have experience of lateral thinking, speaking to a broad range of people, that you have good time management and an ability to hit targets. This role has allowed me to develop all these skills.

I have been a Brand Manager for two years and I mainly decided to stay with the role because I have really enjoyed the flexibility – most of the time I just slot in social media posts, emails and some on campus leafletting into my university timetable – I often end up writing posts and emails when I’m walking or on the bus! It often doesn’t feel like a job at all, more like an extra, but very flexible, module. At times in the year when university obligations really pick up, such as the end of term, early January and in May, I am able to put my responsibilities to the side slightly. When I complete my hours is largely up to me –  as long as the key messages are getting out and I can respond to leads or queries.

I’ve enjoyed talking to students who had never considered social work before, or really like the sound of it but didn’t know they could feasibly access the career path. I have loved hearing the news that some of the leads I collected and conversations I had with people led to them being offered positions on the programme. I now feel equipped to begin a role within a charity head office and have an awareness of the roles available and the challenges posed by the third sector.

There is often pressure around getting an internship whilst at university. Internships are great and can be especially good if they’re paid and all summer (do keep an eye out for Frontline’s internship opportunities). But I would say that this role offers very similar experiences and CV value than doing an internship in one block, and it fits around your studies and doesn’t take up holidays! The role can essentially be moulded to fit you and it can become what you make of it – if you’re passionate about events and forging a career in this area then really use this role to help gain experience in events, the same with marketing, PR, design and recruitment.

Looking for an opportunity that matters? Frontline is a social work charity transforming the lives of vulnerable children and families across the country. We have a range of opportunities available from internships to paid positions on campus.