A Trip to Media City Salford

Following on from Stefan’s account of his trip to Media City , here Nurain shares the highlights of her visit too

On 11th March 2020, the Careers and Placement team organised a trip to BBC, Media City for 21 students. The one-day trip consisted of a tour of the BBC studios and a panel discussion with media professionals. I am grateful that I got selected for the trip, as it presented me with an amazing opportunity to get an insight into the fabled, much-coveted media industry. For an aspiring journalist and a media enthusiast like myself, the trip allowed me to discover the potential opportunities that one can have whilst pursuing a career in media. The trip not only allowed us to get a glimpse of the work environment at BBC but also was an indication of what it truly takes to work at an international broadcaster. We also got see the elaborate set of “Saturday Mash-Up!” and the technologically advanced Newsroom breakfast studio – it was an interesting and extremely informative tour.

However, the memorable part of the day for me would be the networking session that was scheduled at the end of the day. Interacting with media professionals seemed like a daunting task initially, but I actually quite enjoyed it! The media professionals were kind and obliging; they chatted with us, patiently answered our queries, and gave us advise post-lunch. We also got to mingle amongst ourselves which was lovely because I met a few undergraduate students who I would not otherwise normally get to meet. In retrospect, what helped me to relax and be confident during the networking session was the briefing and preparation session conducted by the Careers and Placements team – they mentored us on networking by sharing a few effective strategies and tips which were helpful.

 Navigating professional social situations can be challenging for most freshers, but I believe one can overcome social anxieties with opportunities like this one.

Nurain Dhorajiwala
MA, Global Literature and Culture