Unlock your potential in lockdown (part 1)

In times of change and uncertainty, it’s natural for us to feel disheartened and even helpless. So much seems out of our control and a bit hopeless, that we can understandably think there’s not much we can do.

Although there may be restricted opportunities, there are practical actions we can still take. Why not try these two simple steps that will help prepare you for those opportunities when they open again?

Step 1 – activate and use your Handshake account 

There are job vacancies, careers events and networking opportunities available through the platform. You can even download the app version for easy access to jobs and notifications.

Handshake also offers you the chance to make contact with employers, alumni and other students (at York and the other Handshake institutions in the UK). 

Step 2 – create or update your CV and upload to Handshake

Draft a CV (or if you already have one, review and update it). There are lots of resources to help you with content and layout – check out the CV web page for more info.

Upload your CV to your Handshake account – employers will be able to view it there (if your privacy settings are set to ‘employers’). You can also use it to help populate your Handshake and LinkedIn profiles too.

Next week we’ll look at how to use Handshake to make the most of its potential and yours!