Tips for applying for a SIB internship

If you’re looking to secure a summer internship you can use the large number of vacancy sites to find opportunities (see the Internships and placements page for some of them).

For local project-based internships, have a look at the Student Internship Bureau (SIB) opportunities. SIB typically starts advertising many more vacancies from the Easter vacation onwards. Internships are varied in the type of opportunities on offer and the employers involved.

SIB internships usually require a completed application form and an accompanying CV. So, prepare now by making sure your CV is the best it can be. 

Application top tips:

  • Use the space available on the application form – don’t just write one sentence and expect that to be good enough
  • Address all the required skills and experience given in the job description on your application form – don’t just refer the shortlister to your CV
  • Take the application seriously – the internships are shortlisted by the Careers and Placements team, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to take it as seriously as an externally sourced vacancy
  • The applications are competitive, so research the vacancy and take time to make a good application
  • Although the form is the most important part of your application, make sure your CV is up to scratch. Upload it to CareerSet for immediate feedback
  • Don’t use the same exact application form answers for every SIB vacancy you apply for. Tailor your form and CV to each vacancy

Keep checking for vacancies, as they’ll continue to be added over the next few weeks. Login to Handshake and search on Student Internship Bureau, University of York. If you’ve got any questions, contact us.

Good luck in your work experience applications!