Resources to supercharge your job applications

Are you getting your CV in order or preparing for interviews? We have resources that you can use right now to help!

Instant CV feedback

If you want instant feedback on your CV you can upload it to CareerSet, our AI tool which scores your CV out of 100 and gives you tips on how to improve.

CareerSet assesses your CV’s impact, presentation and style. You can use the feedback to improve your CV then re-upload it to boost your score. You’ll be surprised at how helpful the advice is.

You can also use CareerSet to help you tailor your CV for a particular job or internship; upload the application form at the same time and it will check how well you have addressed the key words and skills they are looking for.

Looking for more CV help? Find our video guide, CV examples and top tips on our CV resources.

Get ready for job interviews

After you’ve got your CV up to scratch, get ready for the next step by working on your interviewing skills. You can use the Shortlist.Me marketplace to try a range of mock video interviews without anyone watching. You can watch your answers back, get advice on what interviewers are looking for with each question and try again as many times as you like.

You’ll find a wide range of practice interviews on the marketplace. We have mock interviews with big employers like the NHS, Mastercard and Virgin Media, and we have a range of job-focused interviews covering things like marketing, customer service and teaching. Not sure where to start? The Graduate Trainee interview will introduce you to some of the competency-based questions that often come up in grad-level job interviews.

And if you want a face-to-face mock interview you can still book one with us on Handshake.

Find out more about preparing for job interviews.