How to Search for an Internship

by Jessica Farnhill Young

The term ‘internship’ often conjures up images of famous actors in Hollywood films, making coffee and running around in huge, beautiful, glass-walled offices. Themes like this make internships appear hardly accessible, and a very questionable use of the intern’s time. Like with most things in films, the truth is the reverse: internships are often a great way to gain work experience, try out different industries, and earn some much needed money. They can help you develop professionally, choose the career path you’d like to follow, and gain skills to increase your chances of finding fulfilling work when you graduate. But… how do you actually find one? 

Student Internship Bureau, University of York

We are currently advertising a huge range of summer internships with the local companies and University Departments. There are currently over 50 roles available: from social media marketing to academic research, to sustainability. 

To search for these internships:

  1. Log in to Handshake and go to the ‘Jobs’ section
  2. Select ‘Employers’ and search for ‘Student Internship Bureau, University of York’ 
  3. On the right hand side there will be a list of all the internships available
  4. ‘Follow’ the Student Internship Bureau to be notified of new roles when they are added

Other ways to find an internship

There are also internships available with other local, national and international organisations through their own internship programmes. You can see many of these advertised on Handshake as well as sites such as RatemyPlacement and Bright Network.

Top tips for the application process

  • Think broadly about previous experience to evidence your skills. For example, if you were applying for a social media marketing role, you could write about how you put your own social media posts together. 
  • Research the organisation; their strategy, values, latest news and use this research to help show your interest and motivation for the role/organisation. 
  • Evidence your skills – If the application is asking for good communication skills, write about a specific time when you used communication skills, state how you used them and what the outcome was.

Come and see us at Careers Corner, 1st Floor Harry Fairhurst Building (close to the Maths Skills Centre) to chat more about internship opportunities or visit us in the Careers and Placements building next to the Spring Lane Building, Campus West.