Health, Safety, and Placement Year at Forvia/Faurecia

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Placement Year Experience

Hi – I’m Alessandra, a final-year Environment, Economics, and Ecology student. I just finished my placement year with Forvia as their HSE student. It was an amazing experience that I would do again if given the opportunity. 

Before starting placement, I had no experience whatsoever within the HSE/automotive industry route – but that’s okay! You realize when looking back at your other experiences – whether it be part-time jobs you do alongside uni, societies you’re a part of, committees, or volunteering activities you’re in – everything has transferable skills. Don’t let a lack of experience in HSE/automotive industries keep you from applying for an HSE role! Companies are supportive and if you make it clear you have transferable skills that can be applied within this role and that you’re eager to learn – you’re already one more step ahead. 

The role of an HSE placement student includes, but is not limited to:

  • Completing daily, weekly, and monthly PPE costs calculations 
  • Giving inductions to new staff, contractors, and visitors on site
  • Providing training support (responsible for the creation of a Fire Marshal/Warden Training Session)
  • Updating for the daily management meeting (presentation about the month’s HSE and accident concerns, KPI updates – presented by my manager to the other departmental managers)
  • Identifying risks on site and developing respective improvement ideas
  • Restocking and managing COVID PPE daily (masks, wipes, hand sanitizers)
  • Managing stock of PPE and restocking Agilon (stock available to other staff members)
  • Head of HSE Communications
  • Head of Environmental Attitudes (managing the environmental efforts Faurecia was putting in place to mitigate our environmental impacts – including waste management)
  • 5s Support and Organizer (creating, assigning, and trialing audits)
  • Completing 5s Audits, Safety Core Teams Audit, HSE/FES Audits
  • Ergonomics Assessments (trained using Kimera technology, sensors)
  • Risk Assessments (qualified by IOSH to complete such assessments)

During my placement year, I was able to do a course in Managing Safely to get my qualification in doing risk assessments. I now have an IOSH Certificate which is extremely useful if interested in health and safety within a company. 

I came to Forvia as a shy student but can confidently say, I left a whole new person. I built on my prior knowledge and experiences and I am no longer afraid to interact with more experienced professionals. Forvia supported me and continuously made me comfortable in this new environment and gave me resources and encouragement when I felt I was lacking a skill or knowledge of a particular subject. 

A placement year pushed me outside of my comfort zone in a new way. Rather than through academic opportunities, this experience threw me into the deep end of a working environment. Luckily, I had support from my placement company and also at university –

making this transition easier. Now, applying to other part-time job roles, graduate schemes, and even master programs, I feel more confident in myself, my experience, and my abilities and worth. 

Who is Forvia/Faurecia?

Forvia is a leading automotive technology company, with 300 sites in 42 countries, including the USA and Romania! They’re offering 25 placement roles with locations such as Banbury, Fradley, Shirley, and Livingston in Scotland. Some of their other roles include Engineering; Commercial Sales; Human Resources; Manufacturing Operations; Quality; and Production Control and Logistics (PC&L). To read more about the roles, check out: Forvia/Faurecia UK Early Careers.

More Information

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Good luck with your applications! 🙂