Careers in… Health Management, Research and Consultancy

If you’re curious about opportunities to work in health, you might be surprised to know that there are plenty of options that don’t involve face to face patient care. The range of roles available that utilise skill sets in non-clinical work and from a diverse range of educational backgrounds are important in supporting the day to day running of health services within both public and private sectors. The Careers In event aims to shine a spotlight on professions that involve working in data and research-driven areas of health such as health economics, research, management and consultancy. 

Careers in Health Management 

The field of healthcare management offers a variety of work, with competitive salaries and job growth, making it an attractive choice for those interested in healthcare and business. Health service managers play a key role and are responsible for the strategic, financial and day to day management of services. Some may specialise in particular areas such as finance, HR,  health informatics, policy and strategy or general management, deploying key skills such as working under pressure, communication, analytical and project management skills which are all highly valued in these roles.  

Routes into health management roles vary depending on the nature of the job role; it may be possible to apply directly for some positions with a history of management experience or for those interested in moving from a clinical role into management. Alternatively, it may be possible to work up from administrative positions into leadership and management.

A popular entry route into health management is via the NHS graduate training scheme with a choice to apply to 1 of 6 pathways including general management, health informatics, health analysis, HR or finance. Entry requirements can vary depending on specialism and many are open for graduates from any degree discipline. 

Careers in Health Research 

Careers in health research offers an opportunity to use research skills to gather information to help shape and inform on a range of health related initiatives. Roles working in this area can involve designing and delivering research projects to inform decision making to ensure health services are operating effectively. Research in health careers can be within public health services such as the NHS or private organisations and charities that work collaboratively with external partners that seek to build intelligence on the needs of the public and how they interact with health services.

Entry routes into this area of work can vary and often people have diverse academic backgrounds and build experience relating to research and data.  Health research roles really value report writing skills, project management, data management alongside people skills needed to work with a variety of stakeholders. 

Careers in Health Consultancy

Roles within health consultancy involve offering expert advice and guidance to client organisations to create and implement strategies to help them resolve their challenges and achieve their goals efficiently, effectively, and professionally. Healthcare consulting firms can specialise in supporting many different aspects of an organisation such as healthcare systems and processes including strategy, technology, finance and sustainability. Strong project leadership capabilities, a passion for developing self and others, strategic insight and a creative mindset are essential skills highly valued in consultancy.

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