Getting application-ready for York Internships

Easter vacation typically sees an increase in York Internships being advertised on Handshake. These paid, project-based opportunities typically involve working for 12 weeks in the summer vacation with a local* organisation or a University department or service.

The internships provide a great chance to undertake some quality work experience that can help build your skills and give you a meaningful example to add to your CV.

The Careers and Placements team source the opportunities and then advertise and (usually) shortlist on behalf of the employer or department. As you can probably imagine, student interest in these jobs is high and we receive lots of applications.

So, how can you get application-ready for when these vacancies are advertised? Here are some key things you can do now.

Get your CV up-to-date

You may not have written your CV yet or you may have one, but feel it needs refreshing. Whatever stage you’re at there are things you can do to make sure you have the basis of a good CV that you can then adapt to suit the internships you apply for.

CVs should be fairly straightforward – keep them concise and ‘snappy’. Bullet points outlining key skills and tasks, in any experience you have, will make your CV easier and quicker to read, as well as highlighting relevant information.

The CV web page has advice of what to include in a CV, as well as examples of different layouts and content. It also gives details of how to get feedback on your CV via CareerSet, our AI-driven review tool.

Think about ‘best practice’ for your application

York Internships applications require an application form, as well as a CV. The form asks three questions (in addition to some basic personal information), which have a maximum word count (100 words for two of the questions and 700 for the third one). Here’s a few dos and don’ts…

Don’t just write a couple of sentences and think that’ll be enough. Use the word count to give as full an answer as possible.

Don’t be tempted to just refer the shortlister to your CV – the application form is the most important document in your application, so use it to highlight your suitability for the role. 

The application process is administered by Careers and Placements staff, but ultimately you’ll be working with an external company or University department. Treat the process like you would if you were applying direct to an employer.

When you’re writing your answers, think about why you’re the best candidate – what relevant skills and experience are you able to bring to the role? The employer is not just offering the internship so a student can get paid experience. They have a specific project they need completing and want someone who can demonstrate their suitability for the job. 

Try to address all the requirements listed in the job description. If you don’t have examples for some of them, think about how you might demonstrate your ability to adapt. For example, you might not have the exact programming language asked for in a vacancy, but if you have a different/similar one use it to show you have the ability to learn one. 

Keep a regular check on Handshake for York Internship vacancies

The easiest way to find advertised York Internships is to: 

  • log into Handshake
  • click on Jobs
  • search on York Internships

You’ll see all the details about the job, including the application deadline, pay, location, and an Apply button. York Internships are best viewed on the Handshake website, rather than the app, to make sure you can access the application form.

Don’t forget, there are lots of other internship opportunities as well, so check out some of the vacancy sources on our Internships and Placements page.

So, prepare to check out York Internships vacancies and be ready to apply. 

 *there are sometimes remote vacancies with employers outside of the York area.