All Experience Counts

According to a survey conducted by the UK Commision for Employment and Skills (UKCES), up to two thirds of employers regard applicants with relevant work experience as being more prepared and suitable for job opportunities. This creates a catch 22 situation where in order to find work you need experience but can't gain that experience … Continue reading All Experience Counts

3 ways to develop the skills that employers want

Employers who recruit students and graduates want more than a good academic record and degree class. They also want employability skills (eg IT, teamwork and communication skills), plus strengths and qualities (such as resilience and self-motivation). So, how can you develop these while you’re at university? Read on to find out. 1. Work experience Whether … Continue reading 3 ways to develop the skills that employers want

Tips for applying for a SIB internship

If you’re looking to secure a summer internship you can use the large number of vacancy sites to find opportunities (see the Internships and placements page for some of them). For local project-based internships, have a look at the Student Internship Bureau (SIB) opportunities. SIB typically starts advertising many more vacancies from the Easter vacation … Continue reading Tips for applying for a SIB internship