YuStart and YuFund

YuStart - Matched Funding Launched in January, YuStart is the UK’s first University crowdfunding platform, which has raised over £17,000 for 14 projects, ideas and events since it started. Projects have ranged from volunteering, outreach, research to sport and special interest societies, see the latest ones here. This term we are offering a matching scheme … Continue reading YuStart and YuFund

Murrell Fund for disability support

The Murrell Fund is a fund, managed by the University of York’s Student Support Services. It is for students to use for  a variety of things, such as travel expenses, a suit for interview or some specialist coaching. It can also be retrospective for students who have recently attended boot camps, employer events etc. For more information, see: https://www.york.ac.uk/students/housing-and-money/financial-support/hardship/murrell/