Careers help during vacation

Over the undergraduate summer vacation, Careers and Placements is open Monday to Thursday  10.00am – 4.00pm. We have a few closures so keep a check on the website for details. We also have appointments running throughout the summer – you can check out what’s on offer on the website and book through Careers Gateway We only run Careers Advice appointments in the … Continue reading Careers help during vacation

Online Question and Answer event – ask us about working in the UK after your studies (short term)

Don't forget our online event for international students tomorrow between 11am and 1.00pm. If you have any careers or immigration questions about your options for working in the UK for up to 12 months at the end of your degree, you can contact us online during our live Q&A chat on Tuesday 6 June from 11.00am - … Continue reading Online Question and Answer event – ask us about working in the UK after your studies (short term)


1:英国学校的就业服务中心比中国学校的就业服务中心提供了更多个人辅导方面的帮助。 2:英国学校的就业服务中心提供的就业服务信息比中国学校的多,提供了包括各个公司的 录取介绍,公司介绍等等,并且,还会定期发送有关求职的邮件给学生,而中国学校就业 服务中心主要是举办招聘会。 3:英国学校的就业服务中心提供给学生简历修改,模拟面试等多种形式多个环节的帮助。 4:中国大学的学生主要通过自己网上搜寻信息或者被学长学姐内推的方式去找实习工作, 而在英国,主要是通过求职中心人员的帮忙去找工作。 5:在中国找工作和找实习,学长学姐的帮助比较重要因为他们可以直接内推你去某企业工 作,这样避免了简历海选的环节,大大增加了你进入面试环节的机会。而在英国,通过得到就 业指导中心的帮助,做好充足的准备是很有必要的。 6:中国学校就业指导中心的资源比较少,人力投入也是有限的,他们主要是在学校官网发 布一些求职信息或者举办招聘会。然而在英国,学生有很多机会可以得到面对面的指导与 帮助。 所以,中国学生应该了解英国学校的就业指导中心都提供哪些帮助并积极的去参与。如果 你有任何关于就业方面的问题,可以通过Careers Gateway发送英文邮件给我们。    

CAREERS BLOG: Hidden web gems – student groups’ pages

 Careers blog written by Irena Zientek, Information Resources Manager, Careers Most of the information on our web pages is appropriate for the majority of students. For example, if you want part-time work or you’re starting to think about your future career, the basic information is the same whether you’re a postgrad, undergrad, UK or international … Continue reading CAREERS BLOG: Hidden web gems – student groups’ pages

Study abroad

Have you undertaken study abroad or are you considering it? On behalf of UniversitiesUK and the British Council, the Careers Research & Advisory Centre (CRAC) is undertaking a survey to obtain students’ and recent graduates’ perspectives on spending time abroad during degree programmes. We are interested in exchanges or other periods spent in an overseas … Continue reading Study abroad