Keeping in touch with Careers and Placements after graduation

For graduating students, your time at the University may be nearing its end but that doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye to Careers and Placements. We can continue to help you beyond graduation whether that’s with career exploration and decisions or support with honing your application skills. Here’s what we offer…

  • Access to all of our on-demand resources, including CareerSet the CV and Cover Letter checker, the interview practice platform, Shortlist.Me and our collection of practice psychometric tests
  • Appointments, mock interviews and quick questions. One to one appointments are still available to you either online or in person, and you can send us a message for any quick questions
  • Browse job vacancies and connect with employers and graduates on Handshake

How to keep in touch

The good news is that your Handshake account will be automatically changed to an alumnus account. This will happen around 90 days after the official end of your course and we will use the email address you supply in the Graduation Registration Task so please complete this when prompted to by the University. Your access to Handshake will then remain unchanged and you can continue to book appointments, browse vacancies and contact us through the portal.

To continue to use, CareerSet and the psychometric test collections, you will need a York graduate email address. You can request this via an online form at

You can also keep in touch with the Careers Service by following our social media channels, including  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram